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We will rewrite your careworn & boring videos into polished pieces

You can make a video, but can you make it more entertaining? Nearly two-thirds of viewers stop watching a video after the first minute. Video creators know this and want to hold viewers’ attention. But 60 seconds is barely enough time for an introduction, never mind developing content that encourages retention!

You’ve thought of it, planned it, shot the video — but where are you on screen? Your message is obscured by your pasty hands, bad bare lightbulb lighting, terrible editing. It’s not effective — and you’re stuck in a quandary of trying to make yourself seem interesting while looking boring. Your videos will perform well if you can keep them simple; showcase what you know best. What if our editing service experts could edit your videos to put you in the spotlight and give your content an edge so when people watch, they stay engaged until the end?

Well, now there is Content Ammo Video Editing Service


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Our experts will help you with a smoother path to optimizing digital demand generation, ensuring faster conversions, and expanding net new business.

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Stop working so hard and let Content Ammo re-engineer your smarts on display! Our team will course-correct raw videos so that even the most cynical of prospects will engage with them. We will edit the videos to put you in the spotlight and give the viewers a perfect look into what it’s like to watch you perform on stage or do something interesting with your camera. We will give substance to what could have been an all-too-blank slate.

How can you keep the marketing videos sensible and streamlined, with nothing superfluous or illegal added for spice? Let’s solve this part. Our team will edit your videos, so they’re optimized and primed for success.

Our editors will ensure that videos will come off as smarter than ever before without extra work. All we will do is edit out all of the things that don’t pertain to enterprise messaging and condense it till the most powerful portion is boiled and refined.

Wake up your mired marketing and see an instant marketing boost. Start off by sending us the raw video content as well as a target word count, and Content Ammo will refine those thoughts into brilliantly written scripts. And now? Get straight to recording without stressing about editing later on. Outsource this task from now on instead!

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