Human Writers: What’s the Future? Expertise Will Decide

It is time to pause for thought!

Global markets and economies were already settling with the new realities of Covid-19 and the war in Europe. Meanwhile, the banking crisis that broke out recently has further roiled the US economy, causing global recession panic.

Future challenges are just beginning to bubble up for global organizations — The crisis engulfing banks is also a piece of bad news for writers as most of them were lending money to B2B, IT, and Tech startups in Silicon Valley (where a fair share of the real demand resides). Parallelly, AI mercenaries launched by Google & Open AI are poised to force-multiply troubles for content professionals. Many believe that AI-led tools will spell out the nemesis for Human Writers.

What Can be Done? It is Time for Human Writers to Bring the Reinforcements

John F Kennedy once said, “Great crisis produces great men of courage and great deeds of courage.”

Agreed! This quote was never truer than today. Real heroes are born in times of crisis.
When the fun and glamour are stripped away, we must show our stronger side. We have only two options: ride the mega wave or get drowned. We need to consolidate ourselves, accelerate learning, and push boundaries. Content Ammo urges all its Human Writers to stay focused on the above priorities.

The Need for Human-Generated Content Will Rise in Parallel

AI can wipe out mediocre writers. However, the demand for professional Human Writers will rise parallelly. AI can write an episode on Batman. Still, it cannot create Chris Nolan. Organizations needing genuine & unique content will need human writers. Human-generated & unique content will rank higher on search engines. Technology can never replicate creativity and craftsmanship.

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Content Ammo Human Writers are Making Steady Progress

Our growth story has traversed through multiple phases. As an organization, Content Ammo kept taking big and small leaps in line with the market requirements we witnessed and used those needs as our fuel to grow further. We now offer tailored content solutions to bolster and support the transformation needs of high-growth enterprises. Content is now more relevant to the present-day challenges, and it will help many companies catch up with the void that the contagion has created.

Our mission to create value is deeply embedded in our roots and content solutions. And we understand that creating value for our noteworthy clients requires great writers. To do this, we have put tremendous focus on building a great team of prolific Human Writers who will address the digital marketing needs of organizations in competitive and complex markets.

We will strive continuously to enable the workforce to be at its best at work through novel and enhanced benefits and resources. In the coming days, we will foster an inclusive work culture that encourages learning and inspires employees to be at the best of their abilities towards the organizational goals.

Final Words

During this span of 2 years, we have seen many similar challenging phases. We will surmount this phase too. We have all the proper requisites to sail through these tough times- the right tech, infra, and people. It is literally in our hands!

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